About Bobby Petrocelli

Bobby Petrocelli is one of the top motivational speakers in the country, spending most of his time on college and high school campuses throughout America.

Bobby Petrocelli — Speaker, Author, Educator, Coach

Bobby Petrocelli's story is one of personal triumph and hope following a devastating tragedy in his life. One night he went to bed in suburban America, a happy man with a loving wife. But when he woke up dazed in his kitchen, his wife was dead and his life forever changed. The pickup truck that crashed through his bedroom wall was driven by a man who was more than twice legally drunk.

Bobby Petrocelli, Certified Speaking Professional

Bobby often shares how he fought through the darkness to triumph; how he drew upon his faith and friends; and how he came to love again. As a high school teacher and coach, his love for youth inspired him to take his dramatic story to audiences nationwide.

He is the author of several books, including 10 seconds Will Change Your Life Forever. He is now a motivational speaker who shares with people of all ages about the power of their decisions and how to build a strong foundation for their lives.

His coaching background and expertise with youth have made him one of the top communicators in his field.

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